Husky Lessons: Learning Step-by-Step

When we first took Marsh home, we noticed he kept staring at the staircase that leads to our front door (we live in a bi-level and had brought him in through our backdoor). He wouldn’t sleep at all. He just kept walking back and forth at the top of the stairs. So, I finally walked down the stairs and tried to get him to come down. Turned out he was afraid of carpeted stairs. He handled our porch steps fine, but he was afraid to go down these carpeted ones. It was strange.

That entire night, I watched Marsh learn to go down these stairs. It took him about 2 hours to work up the courage to put a paw on the first step. After he mastered the first step, he practiced going on to the next step. By morning, he was able to cautiously walk down the stairs. Months later, he now runs up and down the stairs for fun.


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